Holiday Shopping and Shipping Dates for 2017

The holidays are quickly approaching and consumers will be firing up their computers and mobile devices to search, click and purchase. Preparation is key for e-commerce businesses this year, as 2017 is expected to be the biggest online shopping season we’ve ever experienced. Adobe Digital Insights analyzed data from 4,500 retail websites and is predicting […]

CRM Targeting: Part 1

Businesses (big and small) sit on a treasure trove of customer/prospect data and so many either don’t know what to do with that data or are able to take action (e.g. resource restrictions). Activating stagnant customer bases can change a company’s course and be the difference between breaking even and breaking out. For many businesses […]

Site Is Down? No Worries!!      

Ok, so maybe its not entirely “no worries”, but worries can be lessened when you’ve got a backup plan. Recently, for one of our clients, that back up plan was Unbounce when their site went down for the better part of a day. We use and love Unbounce regularly so we’re biased, but this isn’t […]

Holiday Shopping Season: Easy Ways to Maximize Resources and Budget

The increase in demand combined with consumers’ high purchase intent during the holiday shopping season provide opportunities to impact your business in the short-term while establishing relationships with customers that will be beneficial to long-term success. Your business does not need to have a direct correlation to the holiday shopping season in order to leverage […]

Holiday Shopping Season: Key Dates

Key Shipping Dates FedEx: Last shipping days for guaranteed on by December 24 within the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii ( First Overnight: 12/13 Priority Overnight: 12/23 Standard Overnight: 12/23 2 Day AM: 12/22 2 Day: 12/22 Express Saver: 12/20 Ground: 12/17 Home Delivery: 12/17 UPS: Last shipping days for guaranteed on by December 24 within […]

Holiday Housekeeping

There is still time left to setup your business for success before the holiday shopping season is in full-swing.  This isn’t a comprehensive list of things you should do, but it will help organize your Holiday efforts and provide a means for delivering sales growth. Communicate Internally: Provide your team with frequent progress updates so […]

Holiday Shopping Season: Six Simple Design Practices for the Holidays

1. Include Holiday Themes. Give subtle, timely hints throughout customers’ online shopping experience. Capitalize on this time of year’s spirit of giving by adding holiday-themed verbiage to your web site, email newsletters, banner ads, and landing pages.   2. Eliminate Clutter. Resist the urge to cram as much info as possible into the available space. It is […]

Effective Ways to Market Online

Whether you operate a brick and mortar business, or an online only business—it is imperative to create an online presence. Once you have your website and social media platforms in place, you must find ways to market online—which requires a vastly different approach than marketing your business offline. Below are some of the most effective […]

What Are The Best Magento Extensions?

I’m often asked about the best Magento extensions and I’ve got my opinions on the must-haves…and I’ll share those shortly.  However, I’m looking for input from you on the Magento extensions you like best.  What extensions have improves usability, revenue, etc? Or just simply made life easier when administering the site?  In a couple weeks […]

PPC Mirrored Campaign Strategy

Paid search campaign managers are always on the lookout for optimization opportunities that ultimately lower costs (total cost, average cost per click, cost per conversion, etc.) while increasing conversions.  One way that I’ve accomplished this is through mirroring campaigns.  The results have typically come quick and have been significant.  Within a few days, you’ll be […]

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