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Online Identity Theft Statistics -- And How to Protect Yourself

“We know what we are, but not what we may be.” – William Shakespeare As quandaries of the self confront us in these confusing, modern times, we’re not only questioning our own identities, we’re trying to prevent others from stealing them. (Even Bill Shakespeare would shudder.) Every year, about 15 million people in the U.S. have […]

The Design Forecast: Top Web Design Trends for 2014

With the start of 2014 came resolutions made (and broken), Polar Vortexes, and — most exciting of all — new web design trends! Based on past practices, current conventions, and signs of what’s to come (consider me a tech-savvy Nostradamus) here are Egg to Apples’ predictions for design trends you’ll be seeing all over the […]

Google Tag Manager

When Google Tag Manager (GTM) came out in late 2012, I was excited for this new tool and skeptical at the same time.  The excitement was mainly because it was a free tag management system that we could easily tie into our other Google Accounts.  On the other hand, I was skeptical because it was free.  After […]

Responsive Web Design

Why are more businesses in 2013 choosing to have their web presence built with responsive web design? The simple answer is that they want their website viewable on all devices, including desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones. This can now be accomplished without building separate websites (example: one for desktop, laptop, and mobile sizes). In the […]

2013 Marketing Holiday List

Its not too early to plan for promotions in the summer because the more you plan ahead the easier its going to be to execute an effective campaign across multiple channels (paid search, email, affiliates, print, etc).  Here’s a reference list of 2013 holidays: January 1/1: New Year’s Day February 2/3: Super Bowl Sunday 2/12: […]

Usability Testing

One of our clients is turning to us to redesign their websites from top to bottom. Before going down the path of offering beautiful designs with friendly user interfaces we sought to understand the client’s visitor behavior first. Most times, suits gather in a room and truly believe they understand how their consumer behaves on […]

QR codes

QR (quick response) codes are a hot marketing trend and like most recent online marketing trends businesses are not totally sure how to effectively leverage them. One specific industry that can really take advantage of QR codes is the food service industry. Restaurants, bars, etc are always looking for ways to bring in new patrons […]

Google Analytics

I have to admit I’ve been slow to fully transition to the new Google Analytics interface.  It’s not even all that new anymore!  It was a new year’s resolution that I actually stuck to. There are several new additions to this interface and you’ve got to get used to where data is now located.  The […]

Event Tracking

We preach measurement and accountability and that definitely applies to any instance where conversion is the main metric.  However, there are times when tracking conversion is difficult because the typical funnel can’t be implemented in Google Analytics. This can happen when the ‘funnel’ is only one page such as one-page checkout on an ecommerce site.  This makes […]

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