Most people doing paid search marketing know about the feature called dynamic keyword insertion. This useful feature inserts your keyword into the ad copy in the hopes of increasing CTR (click through rate). A higher CTR helps to increase your Quality score which also leads to high ad rank and lower minimum bid. Even though dynamic keyword insertion has been around for a while, many PPC marketers don’t know how to effectively implement the feature. Below is a quick guide on using dynamic keyword insertion. The standard implementation of dynamic keyword insertion is {keyword:YourDefaultText}. “YourDefaultText” is the copy that appears in case your target keyword exceeds the character limit. The way you format “keyword” has a bearing on how your ad copy appears: keyword: no capitalization, all keywords in lowercase

  • Keyword: the first word is capitalized
  • KeyWord: all words capitalized
  • KEYword: entire first word is capitalized
  • KEYWord: entire first word is capitalized and the first letter of the second word is capitalized
  • KEYWORD: every letter is capitalized

While this is a time saver and a useful tool in helping to make your ads more relevant it shouldn’t be a substitute for common sense.  You’ve probably seen eBay ads that sound ridiculous because of dynamic keyword insertion.  Make sure your ads make sense! make sense!

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