Whether you operate a brick and mortar business, or an online only business—it is imperative to create an online presence. Once you have your website and social media platforms in place, you must find ways to market online—which requires a vastly different approach than marketing your business offline. Below are some of the most effective methods of online marketing, that will provide you with an ROI that is worth both your time and money.


Content Marketing Is Still Essential

There are many methods to choose from when it comes to content marketing, many of which are short lived trends. While content marketing has been around since the beginning of websites and blogging, it is one method you can still use today to successfully market online. The key to successful content marketing is that the information must be engaging, relevant to your target audience, and you must avoid the temptation to be overwhelmingly sales heavy. Your content marketing can be placed in multiple places online, the most effective being:

  • Your blog
  • Guest posting on blogs that link back to your sales site
  • Posting content on B2B channels such as LinkedIn
  • eNewsletters
  • Paying for placement on relevant business or industry websites or publications


A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Images posted within a blog post or article can increase engagement by up to 70 percent. In fact, images are such and effective way to market online—that they are sometimes more valuable than your content. It is for this reason that image based social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are so popular. Images can be anything from photos, graphs, charts, or drawings. Utilize images to:

  • Support the message in your content
  • Connect and engage with your clients
  • Tell a story
  • Build anticipation
  • Provide a sneak peak of an upcoming product or event


Think Mobile

While mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones were initially designed to access internet while on-the-go—their portability offers such convenience that many consumers actually use them more while at home or in the office. As consumer adoption of mobile devices continues to grow, you must think mobile. Make sure you keep to key points in mind.

  1. Ensure that all of the methods you utilize to market online are “responsive” aka—mobile friendly.
  2. That you test methods of mobile online marketing. This could be anything from banner ads, PPC, or in-app advertising.


Connect And Engage Through Videos

Videos enable you to connect in an engaging manner that is even more effective than content marketing or images based marketing. Videos allow businesses of all sizes the ability to create and distribute mini commercials—which can be used for marketing, training, and for general information about your company or product.

One of the many great things about videos is that you can post your videos on YouTube—then use your custom URL to post the video in an unlimited amount of places online. Unlike content marketing that has to be unique, Google will not penalize you for posting the same video multiple times. For example, the same video can be placed on your website, blog, guest blog, and multiple social media channels—and videos are easy for your viewers to share.

Just as with TV commercials, get creative with your online videos—and consider how posting short videos on Vine can be used to entice prospects to learn more.



When a prospective client finds their way to your website, only about 2 percent become a conversion on their first visit. This is not to say that they will not come back to your website and convert—but that they are probably still weighing their options. By retargeting, a tracking cookie will be utilized—and ads for your business will begin to appear after visitors leave your website. It is this friendly reminder, which helps to turn those on the fence into conversions.

You must always be on the lookout for new methods to market your business online—but the ROI on the methods above are the most consistent in today’s online marketplace.

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