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Who We Are

Our Philosophy

We believe in transparency, smart work, crushing goals and making sure you understand what’s going on.

Our History

Egg to Apples was born in 2010 on the Main Line. To keep it simple, you can call us “e2a”. The name Egg to Apples was derived from a literal translation of the Latin phrase “ab ovo usque ad mala.” Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who thought we’re a food company.

The People Involved

Too many to list here! When we chat you’ll get to know some of the folks at e2a.

Who We've Done Work For

What We Do

So much more...

We’re a digital marketing company that likes to go above and beyond. We’re at our best when you allow us to collaborate with you on strategy, develop creative assets, launch campaigns, and analyze and report on performance.

Paid Search

If you don’t know how to create an AdWords account, need experts to manage your campaigns or you’ve hit a wall with your campaign…we’re the ones you call.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is part science, part art, and large part smart work. When you work with us on an SEO campaign you won’t walk away thinking it’s black magic. It’s a transparent process that produces real business results.


Social advertising is very cost-effective and hyper-targeting allows you to find consumers at various stages of buying behaviors, life events, jobs and so much more.


Email isn’t dead! Reach out to us if you need help with your in-house email marketing or you need to do some prospecting. We also do a unique 360° CRM targeted campaign across digital channels.


Filling a sales pipeline can be a challenge no matter your industry. Leverage our experience prospecting for auto dealers, professional sports teams, trade shows, credit unions and more.

Content Marketing

Content is king and has been for a long long time. How it is leveraged in digital marketing campaigns has evolved and will continue to do so. We’ll develop a content marketing strategy, develop the content and market the heck out of it.


We pulled together two digital marketing tactics (prospecting and retargeting) and created a solution for email and direct mail. Give us a shout and we’ll tell you more about this solution that has shown to increase response rate by an average of 20%.

Landing Pages

We love creating landing pages because they work! We also love using Unbounce!

Industry Specific Solutions

We’ve crafted solutions for beauty product companies, banks/credit unions, auto dealers, spas, non-profits and more. Tell us about your challenges and we’ll work on a solution.


7 + 13 =

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