Ok, so maybe its not entirely “no worries”, but worries can be lessened when you’ve got a backup plan. Recently, for one of our clients, that back up plan was Unbounce when their site went down for the better part of a day. We use and love Unbounce regularly so we’re biased, but this isn’t a review of Unbounce as any similar tool will work well.

This client engages us for paid search, SEO, retargeting, social advertising, data-driven display and landing page development/optimization. All traffic driven through these campaigns (with the exception of SEO for the most part) go through the landing pages we actively test to increase conversion volume.

When this client’s site went down, the first reaction for them was to have us turn off all campaigns until the issue was resolved. That would’ve been our reaction too, but we advised them against that course of action because the landing pages, hosted by Unbounce, were not affected and visitors from those campaigns would largely not be impacted. Unbounce effectively helped the client and us mitigate this disaster and, based on daily averages, lead volume dipped only 30% that day. I say “only” because that’s an easier pill to swallow than a 100% decline.

Landing page testing with 3rd party tools has many benefits including preventing a total loss of a lead/sales streams for businesses.

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