Your website’s site search feature is one of the most important tools you can offer to your visitors. It allows visitors to find products quickly without having to navigate through multiple layers to find what they need. We’re conducting a usability test for one of our clients and site search is repeatedly used by their visitors to find what they want. If you have confusing navigation it makes site search even more important. The holiday season is coming sooner than you think and now is the time to improve your site’s search capabilities to improve the shopping experience and maximize conversions. Here are a few tips to help you improve site search:

  • Synonyms and misspellings: if your products are hard to spell or have multiple related terms (synonyms) be sure to map them in your site search feature. Of course, this can only be done if you can “teach” your platforms site search function.
  • Organic search: analyze the organic search terms people use to find your site.  Look for misspellings, synonyms and phrase variations for specific products and use them to update site search.
  • Site search report: if your platform has this feature, analyze the terms your visitors use on your site to find what they want.  If the right products don’t appear, be sure to map the terms to the appropriate products.
  • Utilize Google Analytics: utilize the site search tracking feature in Google Analytics to understand what terms people use to find products and how site search impacts conversion.
  • Globalize: make site search a prominent site-wide feature to improve your visitors shopping experience.

If your ecommerce platform’s site search feature is limited then you may want to look for 3rd party site search solutions such as Google Site Search or SLI Systems. The solution from SLI is very robust and offers learning search, learning navigation, SEO and merchandising features. Take time now to improve your website’s site search and you’ll improve your bottom line. Let us know what you did (or have done) to improve site search and the results you achieved.

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